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The Dragon Slayers Motorcycle Club was founded in 1999 in Raleigh, NC after consulting with the major club in the area.  It was originally formed by five firefighters wanting more than just riding on weekends.  Firefighters already have a bond and share in a profession that is both dangerous and rewarding.  However, we wanted to bond on a different level, to form a real brotherhood which would last and still enjoy the riding, the parties, and attending bike rallies. The club responsibilities and rules quickly became over whelming for two of the members and they left the club.  The remaining three stayed the course and began to write the by-laws.  Being firefighters, we wanted to raise money for firefighters charities and raise awareness for issues concerning firefighters.  With the by-laws in place, and North Carolina's recognition as a non-profit organization, the club began to take shape.  Soon other firefighters wanted to ride as a Dragon Slayer.  As our numbers grew, we realized there were still others that wanted to belong to the club for the brotherhood we offered and because they had also supported firefighter causes in some way.  So the by-laws were amended to allow friends the same opportunities we were enjoying.


There were other firefighter clubs in the area, and/or other MC's in the area we could have joined, but none seemed to fit what we wanted.  The best solution we could find was to start our own and do what felt right to us.  We, like generally all firefighter clubs, are a non-territorial, fraternal organization.


The work we do is dangerous and hard, and we ride and party the same way.  We don't recruit members but sometimes we are asked about becoming a Dragon Slayer.  The answer is simple but the task may not be so simple.  Ride with us, party with us, stay with us, in short be one of us (limited at first), but then gradually you will become one of us.  The process usually takes about a year.


  1. Simply being a firefighter will not get you in.

  2. A firefighter with a new bike won't get you in.  Remember we are looking for members that will last, not one that may sell his bike a year later and get out.

  3. We look for qualities of a member not quantities of members.




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